Moving bulma to wordpress

Last saturday some Bulma members met to start porting the old website to a new wordpress based site, now the site is running on a custom software written about 10 years ago in PHP version 3. This software runs fine but we have some new ideas to implement and it would be a lot easier to do so if we were running on a newest environment.

Years ago a lot of Bulma members used to write posts on Bulma, but now only a few continue posting. The reason is that most of the early users now have its own blogs and they write posts on them, most of the times forgetting about Bulma. So we are planning to make the new Bulma site a mix between a blog and a planet. Allowing users to add its feeds to share all or some of the posts they write if the have something to do about free software, coding, new technologies, etc.

To export all the contents we decided to generate a fake wordpress export XML and we made it by pure SQL (with lots of concats). All the contents were exported ok, but there is a big problem, the old site allowed users to post HTML code without restrictions and a lot of people abused it, so the articles won’t look well on the new template. So the work for the next week is to postprocess all the imported data removing style and font tags to make them look more uniform across them.

I hope we can have the new version publicly available soon, so we could receive feedback from the remaining staff and the rest of the users.

coding after the pizzas

From left to right, Joanmi, René and me having some geek fun.